Being in an international setting and working with the International Church gives you a little bit of a different perspective on things. It not only gives you a little more insight into what’s happening around you, but also gives you a look at the needs of the community from a different perspective. Our main mission with what we do out here, and as Christians, is to help people Meet the Lord, Grow in the Lord, and Share the Lord. My approach to this is to help out in any situation that I encounter, with the hope that people will in turn see the Light of God shining through me. With that being said, I had an amazing experience happen a few nights back that was obviously God at work.

After our Catalyst group had concluded and we were getting ready to head back to our apartments, I realised that my normal train line that I take was finished for the night, and that I’d need to find a different way back to my neighbourhood. I left Genesis and walked up to a different station, to find a man on crutches struggling to go down the escalator, and another man trying to help him along. I called out to the guy helping him to see if they needed any help – I think I actually said “Ça va mec?” (kind of like you alright mate?) – to have him retort with a look of “No, I could really use some help right now.” I walked up to the two to lend a hand with getting him safely onto the escalator, when a third man saw that we could use some more help and walked over to us. After one of us was in front, on the side, and in the back, we safely got him down the 2 escalators and flight of stairs to help him get to his train. The gentlemen and I who were helping him out were able to have a little bit of a conversation as we were lending a hand, and they were asking about what I do here and joking about how I look like someone who wouldn’t normally stop to help – surprise!

I was able to talk about how I work at the Church and Genesis, and help people practice their English as well. The original man who was lending a hand had to leave to go to his platform, but as he was leaving he turned and said to me “God Bless.” It was pretty awesome! Following this, the other man wanted to know more about what I did at the Church and Genesis, and I found out that he was also a musician who worked at a jazz club here, and wanted to work on his English. I invited him to Genesis, and he seemed really stoked on being a part of what we have going on. He then left, and it was just the man on crutches and myself.

We walked over to the train, and after helping him on, he then said that he wasn’t actually French and wanted to switch to English if that was all right with me. We began having conversations about what we did in life, and he began to talk about how he lives on the streets and doesn’t have a job. It was then that the conversation naturally flowed into Faith and what I believe, and this is when I was able to share Christianity with him.

We talked more and more, and as I was helping him to get out of the train station, I had an urge to ask him if he’d ever accepted Jesus as his Saviour. I asked him about what he believed, and eventually got to the question of whether or not he had ever proclaimed Jesus as Lord and believed in his heart that God raised Him from the dead. Without hesitation he looked at me and said, “He is. I believe.” I asked him if that was his first time ever saying it out loud, and with a tearful eye he nodded his head and said yes. At this time, we had made our way out of the train station and were up all the flights of stairs, and I had to leave to go catch my final train home. Before I left, however, he let me pray for him and I was able to give him my rain jacket to keep him warm and dry. It was nothing short of amazing to say the least.

This entire situation was a great reminder to me, that no matter where we are or whom we are with, we are called to be ready to give a testimony of God in our lives on a moments notice. God has all of us exactly where He wants us, and puts us in every situation for a purpose. Without missing my train, I wouldn’t have had to go to the other station. Without engaging with the man helping him, I wouldn’t have been able to start a conversation. Without starting a conversation, I wouldn’t have been able to reflect the Light of God into all 3 of their lives. Without reflecting the Light of God, I couldn’t have been able to lead this man to the truth of Jesus Christ, and he would have still been wandering in his sin. It’s amazing to see things like this happen first hand, and a true testimony to how great things occur when you simply listen to God. Wherever you are in the world. Wherever you are in your walk. When you listen to God and abide in Him, He has tremendous things for you to do alongside Him.

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