Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Easter time. The attitudes of everyone, believers and non, just seems to be all around chipper. Easter, here in Paris, is referred to as Pâques (pronounced like ‘pack’ for those of you wondering).

My day started out great! I had a pretty busy week and weekend thus far, and was sure that Sunday was going to be a great celebration.

The past 2 Easters, I’ve played the Easter ‘Sonrise’ Service for Kailua Community Church at zero-dark-thirty on the beach, so stepping away from it was rather different. Admittedly, I missed waking up before the roosters, and going to meet up with the Worship team on the beach. There’s something about seeing so many people gather in a place together to celebrate this marvellous event that is utterly indescribable. Getting to play worship on this day was something that I will always love and remember.

When I arrived at Trinity, I wasn’t necessarily sure as to what to expect. Would there be a larger Church congregation than normal? Would it be smaller? To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the entire service went off.

I decided to not play this year for Easter, just so I could focus more on the worship and message, and not be over-focused on all of the other things that needed to come together to do the service the right way. Sometimes, it’s good to take a momentary ‘step-back’ from your ministry to be reminded as to why you do it.

The worship was amazing. The focus of all the songs was how we are alive because He is alive. How we are redeemed because of what He endured. How we have redemption because of His great sacrifice. How we are able to celebrate, because He is alive and well in Heaven pleading for us.

The message was amazing. We talked about Thomas and how he was doubting the resurrection, and how he said he wouldn’t believe it to be so until he was able to touch the wounds with his own hands. Once he saw Jesus, however, he knew that he was alive and well as Jesus told him to come and do just as he stated he needed to in order to believe. Truly, a great message from Pastor Al.

Service concluded with a few baptisms, where 3 men openly declared their faith and were able to undergo this representative demonstration in front of the whole Church body (See the above photo).

Baptism is such a beautiful thing to me, as it is an open and blatant declaration of your faith in front of the body of believers. It reminded me of my re-baptism back in Africa, and how it is such an amazing feeling to declare your Faith publicly in Jesus Christ.

After our service concluded, I had to go up to Gare du Nord (station of the North for the non-French readers) to pick up my sister and brother-in-law, as they were arriving from London. They’ll be here for a week, and I’m really looking forward to getting to spend some time with them and catch up with where they are in their lives. They’ll also – hopefully – get to see some firsthand ministry things that I’m involved in here in France, and see how the Gospel is being shared out here.

This week is shaping up into a really busy one – as I’m booked just about every minute of every day this week. When thinking of this week at a glance, I’m reminded of how I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and am really stoked for all of the ministry work that I’ll be helping with this week. Bonus points if you can name that verse without looking it up!

I hope to do another post sometime this week, but we’ll see what it shapes up to look like!

I hope you all had a Joyeuses Pâques, and are continuing to celebrate that our King is Risen and alive!

Until next time!

Blessings and Aloha,

Austin Wood


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